Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace - Next Steps Webinar

Presented by Alan Stevenson
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Outline the next steps to proactively manage work related psychosocial hazards.

This presentation, hosted by Alan Stevenson, will help your organisation discover what stresses might be impacting your people and investigate opportunities to minimise or eliminate them. 
Meet the instructor

Alan Stevenson

I love listening to people. I love learning new things.I love coaching others. I’m not perfect and have good days and bad days but I always try and be a decent human being. I have more that 40-years’ of work experience and making mistakes, some big and some small. I have learned to own up to those mistakes, clean up when needed, learn and move-on. Working with people to be the best version of themselves is what I choose to do and if I can contribute, even just a little, to help someone on that journey then that is an amazing privilege that I never fail to appreciate.
Patrick Jones - Course author