Learn the key leadership elements to inspire others

Inspiring Others Presented by Alan Stevenson
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Course Content

This course outlines some of the key leadership elements required to inspire others to share your vision and commit to taking action.

What does great partnership look like?

Learn how to identify the key attributes of being a great partner that your team wants to follow

Discovering your personal ‘Why’ or purpose

Discovering why you do what you do is a key first step in being able to create a vision for others to adopt.

Creating an engaged team

Research identifies that around 60% of the Australia workforce are not engaged at the workplace and it’s the leaders responsibility to inspire and engage them.

Listening with curiosity

Listening well is a way to let people know that you care about them and coupling that with curiosity and asking powerful questions encourages them to feel included and valued.

Distinction Leaders vs. Manager

The role of manager and leader are interdependent; you can’t be a great at one and not the other. Finding the right blend depends on understanding the situation and taking the most appropriate action at the time.

A Key Element of Leadership 

Leaders have the power to influence their teams whether they intend to or not. So, how do we best use this influence to create happy and productive teams? Culture change expert, Alan Stevenson is your guide for this short course on inspiring others.
Through this course you will learn about the importance of partnership to build credibility and what that looks like. Alan will teach you how to connect your team to the organisation’s ‘why’ and what an engaged employee looks like. You'll also gain understanding on ways to promote engagement and how the power of listening, with curiosity, can change your leadership.
Meet the instructor

Alan Stevenson

I love listening to people. I love learning new things.I love coaching others. I’m not perfect and have good days and bad days but I always try and be a decent human being. I have more that 40-years’ of work experience and making mistakes, some big and some small. I have learned to own up to those mistakes, clean up when needed, learn and move-on. Working with people to be the best version of themselves is what I choose to do and if I can contribute, even just a little, to help someone on that journey then that is an amazing privilege that I never fail to appreciate.
Patrick Jones - Course author